Pros and Cons of Dentures in a Day

Are you considering Dentures in a Day as a solution to tooth loss? Immediate placement of dentures offer some distinct advantages over the conventional denture process – such as eliminating the long, toothless healing period between preparation of your mouth for dentures and delivery of your dentures – but they can have some disadvantages as well. So what are the pros and cons of Dentures in a Day?


Dentures in a Day is a dental restoration process that provides the patient with dentures immediately after the extraction of remaining teeth. Rather than fabricating a denture after an 8 to 12 week healing process, as is done with standard dentures, the fabrication of Dentures in a Day is done beforehand, ready to placed by the oral surgeon who readies your mouth for dentures – extracting teeth and contouring the bone and gum tissues as necessary – all in the same surgical appointment.


Dentures in a Day is a popular option for dental patients who face extensive or total tooth loss. Among the advantages of immediate denture placement are:

  • Patients never have to appear in public without teeth, since there is no waiting period between tooth extraction and denture placement.
  • Patients are able to eat and speak normally much more quickly with Dentures in a Day – in days, rather than months.
  • Immediate placement of dentures offers protection of gum tissues during healing.
  • Dentures can generally be fabricated to match the appearance, size and position of natural teeth more accurately when done before extraction.


Of course, no dental procedure is all roses, so there are some disadvantages to Dentures in a Day as well. Among these are:

  • Dentures in a Day procedures typically cost more initially than the conventional denture process.
  • Multiple appointments are generally required – typically 4 to 6 – before the procedure for the fabrication of immediate dentures.
  • Multiple denture adjustments and relines are typically necessary as the shape and structure of the gum ridge and underlying bone changes as the healing process progresses.
  • Denture try-ins generally aren’t possible, since natural teeth are still in place during denture fabrication, which can lead to bite problems or aesthetic issues, making additional adjustment or replacement of dentures necessary in some cases.
  • These are still traditional, removable dentures. For those considering permanent dentures for their superior ease and comfort, the All-on-4® procedure may be a better choice.

Why Choose an Oral Surgeon?

Dr. Falender has been placing implants and treating patients interested in dentures for over 30 years in Indianapolis. Immediate load dental implant procedures require thoughtful surgical planning to accomplish precision implant placement to achieve the long-term success of dental restorations.

Immediate dentures aren’t simple either, since patients typically need extractions before they are placed, and many will need other surgical procedures, such as bone contouring, to prepare the mouth for their new dentures. For these reasons, if you’re considering either one of these dentures in a day options to restore your failing teeth, choosing a qualified and experienced oral and maxillofacial surgeon to handle these procedures, rather than a general dentist, is your best bet to ensure comfortable, complication-free and attractive dental restoration results.

So there you have it, the pros and cons of Dentures in a Day. Most patients find that the advantages of immediate dental restoration greatly outweigh the disadvantages, most especially the ability to skip that long, uncomfortable and embarrassing healing period without teeth – an advantage considered priceless by many who need dentures. Ask your Indianapolis oral surgeon if Dentures in a Day are right for you.