Immediate Dentures

If you possess teeth that are extremely unhealthy and need to be removed, immediate dentures are a viable solution for tooth replacement. In most cases, the denture is placed on the same day that the teeth are removed. Prior to your tooth removal procedure, Dr. Falender will work closely with you and your dentist to ensure that the denture to be placed fits your mouth properly. This usually requires a few preparatory consultations prior to the extraction appointment.

What Are the Benefits of Immediate Dentures?

The placement of immediate dentures offers several advantages over other prosthetic replacement options. Because the denture is created prior to tooth extraction and placement, patients enjoy a multitude of benefits, including:

  • Never being without teeth
  • Easier process for the duplication of the shape, color, and arrangement of your natural teeth because some of the teeth are still present
  • Protection of the tissues of the mouth and reduced bleeding following extraction
  • An easier transition into speaking and eating with the new denture because you were never without real teeth

What Are the Disadvantages of Immediate Dentures?

While immediate dentures are preferable to many patients, they are not the best prosthetic option for maintaining oral health. While it is convenient never to be without teeth, immediate dentures may lack the precise fit of conventional dentures because they cannot be fitted to the gums prior to placement

Unlike implant-based prostheses, immediate dentures can have negative effects on the health of the jaw because they are not anchored into the bone. When any remaining teeth are removed, the jaw bone may begin to deteriorate because it lacks the stimulation created by regular chewing and grinding of the teeth. If this is the case, an additional bone grafting procedure may be necessary for a dental implant to be placed at a later date.

What Can I Expect Following Immediate Denture Placement?

The remaining teeth are removed, and the bone and gum tissue are contoured to give you the most adaptive ridge possible for placement of your new dentures. The pre-contoured denture will be placed immediately after tooth removal. Please expect these consequences:

  • There will be some swelling. An ice bag placed over the area for 20 minutes on and 20 minutes off will help control the problem. For the ice bag, you may use ice in a plastic bag wrapped in a towel; a frozen bag of peas works well, too. Please see the extraction post-op instruction sheet for full details.
  • You will have some discomfort, and we will prescribe appropriate medication. Please follow the medication’s directions for best results.
  • Minor adjustments for your denture will be necessary. Leave your denture in position for the first 24 hours. Your dentist will take it out for you the first time to make the necessary adjustments.
  • Do not rinse for the first 24 hours. Then you may rinse gently with warm water.
  • Most of your discomfort will disappear in seven to ten days, and initial healing will be well under way. Swelling will also take 10 to 14 days to disappear.
  • Activities of daily living may resume after a few days. Dr. Falender recommends that you take two days following surgery to return to your daily routine. Avoid competitive sports and get extra rest.
  • Follow a soft or liquid diet for about three days. Small bites and slow chewing will help you learn how to manipulate the new teeth. Dentures are a substitute for nature’s original plan, not a replacement! Eating will be a learned skill. Be patient; eating will get better with time and experience.

If you are interested in exploring your options for tooth replacement, including the development and placement of immediate dentures, please contact Indianapolis Oral Surgery & Dental Implant Center. Dr. Falender and his highly skilled staff are experts in the replacement of teeth and will help you find the best option for restoring your beautiful smile.


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