The Myth of the Discounted Dental Implant and Crown in Indianapolis

The Myth of the Discounted Dental Implant and Crown in Indianapolis

If you have a lost one or more teeth and have been researching your replacement options, you’ve likely seen advertisements in the past for $1495 dental implant and crown in Indianapolis, or $1699, and now comes the $1700 dental implant and crown. . While these may sound like great deals, there are a number of reasons to be cautious about offers found in discounted implant advertisements or from any other provider that tout drastic discounts. As the old saying goes, if it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Dental implant placement can provide safe, effective and attractive dental restoration results, giving patients replacement teeth that look feel and function like natural ones. However, those results depend heavily on the skill of the practitioner performing the implant surgery. Despite advertisements that tend to make it sound as easy as replacing a light bulb, implant placement is serious and complex surgery that must be done to exacting standards to produce optimal results – a beautiful smile that can last a lifetime.


To ensure the level of skill necessary to achieve those results, you’ll want to choose your provider according to credentials, training and experience, rather than price. Nobody wants to pay more than they should, but given the fact that dental implants are permanent, poor results can be devastating.

Bad surgery isn’t like a sloppy paint job that can be fixed by painting over it. Correcting poorly done implants can be difficult or even impossible, so why take a chance with the latest discount clinic to open its doors in Indianapolis? Dental implants need to be done right the first time – and by an established oral surgery practice that is sure to still be around year after year, if you need follow-up care.


Another thing to consider as you evaluate those discounted implant advertisements or other discount offers is how, exactly, they can offer these deep discounts and still perform quality procedures. This can be done by cutting costs on materials, which can be a problem for patients over the long run. For instance, discount clinics may use generic implants of unknown quality, rather than brand-name, well-researched, top-quality products with a proven track record. Equipment is another area in which corners are often cut, leaving patients without access to safety enhancing technologies, such as 3-D imaging.

Many discount implant office make use of dental labs outside the U.S., often in China.

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  • While Dr. Falender offers a full warranty on implants placed in our office, many offices do not. Be sure to ask about warranties when you are considering dental implants.

Additionally, those low-ball offers you’ll see in Indianapolis ads may be just half of the story – a tactic designed to get you in the door. With many of these offers, patients have found that there are costs and fees that weren’t made clear in the ads, raising the overall price substantially.

So the bottom line is this: When it comes to dental implants in Indianapolis, choosing your provider based on discount offers isn’t wise. Many patients who have done so have learned the hard way that more often than not, you get exactly what you pay for.