How Much Does it Cost to Have Wisdom Teeth Removed in Indianapolis, IN?

How Much Does it Cost to Have Wisdom Teeth Removed in Indianapolis, IN?

Tooth on a String photo – More About Wisdom Teeth Removal Cost
Wisdom teeth removal is a procedure that becomes necessary for most people, since these third and final molars become problematic more often than not. For patients on a budget who need their wisdom teeth removed, costs are an important consideration as the planning process moves forward. So how much does it cost to have wisdom teeth removed in Indianapolis? Since every case is different, there isn’t a cut-and-dried answer to that question. However, there are some basic guidelines that can help you put together a rough estimate according to your particular situation.

The cost of having wisdom teeth removed in Indianapolis varies according to the complexity of the procedure. For instance, simple extraction of wisdom teeth that have emerged is much easier and less time consuming – therefore less expensive – than removing impacted wisdom teeth. Even removal of an impacted tooth can vary in difficulty and cost from one case to another, depending upon whether that tooth is impacted within soft tissue, bone or some combination of both.

That means that in order to estimate your costs, you’re going to need a general idea of what your Indianapolis oral surgeon will have to do to remove them in your particular case. Once you have that information, you can get a ballpark figure according to the following list of average Indianapolis prices compiled by Healthcare Bluebook:

  • Tooth removal – $144-$275
  • Impacted tooth removal – $275-$600
  • Fee is based on the degree of impaction and difficulty in surgical removal.
  • Keep in mind that Insurance may cover most or all of your procedure.

Your Indianapolis oral surgeon should give you a basic cost estimate when you have your initial consultation. Even with that estimate in hand, knowing the average going rates for having wisdom teeth removed in Indianapolis can help you determine whether that estimate is reasonable. However, be careful about choosing your practitioner according to the numbers alone, since there are many other, more important factors to consider, such as credentials, experience and your overall comfort level with a particular surgeon.

Last but not least, if you’ve been told your wisdom teeth need to come out, sooner is better than later, both in terms of your oral health and your budget, so don’t let the cost of having wisdom teeth removed in Indianapolis become a reason to procrastinate. Waiting gives the teeth time to become firmly anchored in the jaw, making the procedure more difficult – and more expensive – than it would be if wisdom teeth were removed before their roots were fully developed. Additionally, leaving troublesome wisdom teeth in place can cause further dental problems, adding to your discomfort and costs.