What does the All-On-4® Procedure with Dental Implants Cost?

What does the All-On-Four Procedure with Dental Implants Cost?

Over the past few decades, dental implants have emerged as the best possible solution to tooth loss, eliminating many of the most troublesome side-effects of traditional, removable dentures. While cost once made dental implants inaccessible to many, as with technology, dental implant reconstruction has become less expensive with widespread use and improved techniques.

Today, when patients ask “what do dental implants cost,” many are pleasantly surprised to find that advanced procedures, such as all-on-four dental reconstruction, have made implant-based solutions affordable.

Advantages of Dental Implants

No answer to the question “what do dental implants cost” would be complete without detailing the advantages of their use in terms of oral health and quality-of-life. Dental implants offer what removable dentures cannot; artificial tooth roots. This is very important in preserving bone structure, since a jawbone lacking stimulation from tooth roots will atrophy. Since implants are inserted into the jawbone like natural tooth roots, they provide stimulation in much the same manner, helping to preserve bone structure and integrity.

Atrophy is the reason that traditional dentures must be refitted or replaced every five to ten years. After years of denture use, many patients find that oral structure has eroded to the point that a secure fit can no longer be accomplished, affecting their ability to chew and interfering with speech. Additionally, as jawbones shrink, facial support is lost, causing the cheeks and lip area become loose, wrinkled and sunken.

All-On-Four Procedures

Many patients suffer tooth loss gradually, using bridges to fill expanding gaps over a period of years. By the time full dentures become necessary, bone loss in the jaw is an issue. Years ago, this situation made implant-based reconstruction challenging, requiring a lengthy, expensive process that might include bone grafting or sinus lifts.

All-on-four technology has overcome these hurdles, making implant-based reconstruction possible for a wider range of patients, even long-term removable denture wearers with significant bone loss. Specialized implants, angled precisely to take advantage of existing bone, securely anchor a full arch of replacement teeth without the delay and expense of those preparatory procedures. Additionally, all-on-four procedures use immediate load implants, so patients will have no toothless waiting period to endure before their smile is restored.

What Do Dental Implants Cost? Comparing Reconstructive Options

Since all-on-four procedures can eliminate the need for bone grafting or sinus lifts, costs are significantly lower than older, more complex dental implant procedures. The all-on-four procedure, will cost more than removable dentures initially. However, factoring in the lifetime costs associated with traditional dentures narrows that gap significantly, including periodic relining or replacement, denture cleaners, adhesives and often, ongoing dental care to address common complications. With implant-based replacement, just good oral hygiene and regular dental checkups are required to keep that new smile beautiful, comfortable and secure for decades.

Since every patient is different, a specific answer to the question “what to dental implants cost” can only be obtained through a personal evaluation by a dental professional. The cost of all-on-four reconstruction also varies according to the dental professional you choose for your procedure. However, cost is just one factor to consider as you make that choice, since skill and experience is essential to optimal results.

Do, if necessary, pay a bit more to have your all-on-four procedure done by an experienced oral surgeon, rather than one of those corporate implant centers. As Dr. Falender says, “Don’t trade convenience for experience.” A board-certified oral surgeon with a success rate of 99 percent over 26 years of implant dentistry, he knows that getting it right the first time is essential.

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