Best Steak in Indianapolis

Best Steak in Indianapolis

As an oral and maxillofacial surgeon, I have the opportunity to help restore a patient’s smile and confidence through the use of dental implants. At our initial consultation with patients, those already wearing loose dentures or those facing the prospect of losing their teeth, the discussion usually turns to food.

And discussions of first meals after the completion of new permanent teeth most often results in the word, “Steak.”

Now, as a foodie and a steak lover, I have had the opportunity to dine in most every Steakhouse in Indianapolis. The following is my opinion of the Best Steakhouses in Indianapolis. I am talking about establishments that specialize in steaks and chops, not restaurants that simply have steak on their menu.

The Best Steak in Indianapolis: Dr. Falender’s List

Downtown Indianapolis for over 100 years. A classic steakhouse, with professional waiters and fantastic steaks. Many a business deal or professional athlete signing has occurred over a giant porterhouse. And don’t forget their famous shrimp cocktail with sinus clearing cocktail sauce. This is where you take out-of-towners to show off Indianapolis

Downtown and Northside . I have never had a bad meal here. Their New York strip is served on a sizzling plate and cooked perfectly. Excellent service. Even though it is a chain, it’s quality can be counted on in any city. Great for meeting friends.

Located Downtown and connected to the Conrad Hotel. Another national chain and soon to be international, that always delivers. Wonderful service, great drinks and good steaks. Great for a romantic evening with someone special.

Northside Indianapolis. Both are chains and both are favorites. While they are both traditional steakhouses, Flemings offers additional choice for the non-steak eater in your group. Both are always packed – for a reason.

Eddy Merlot
Located in North Indy. Not a true steakhouse, but great food and service.

Fogo de Chao
Downtown, Indianapolis. A Brazilian churrascaria steakhouse. Cooked meats and poultry cut table side. This restaurant offers “continuous dining.” If your coaster is showing green you will get more meat on your plate. Turn it over and show red when you need a break. Go hungry, bring money and avoid filling up on the salad bar.

Now, my favorite steak dinner? I go to Costco, buy either filets or NY strip and cook it on my grill. Yum!

Just like a great steakhouse that specializes in steak, at Falender Oral Surgery & Dental Implant Center, we specialize in Truly Life Changing (TLC) dental implant procedures. For over 25 years, I have treated patients from all parts of Indiana and work with some of the city’s best dentists.

When you are ready to start enjoying steak and all foods again, schedule a consultation to see how our TLC procedures, such as permanent dentures, can return your ability to eat all foods and improve your quality of life.

As a matter of fact, when we finish your permanent denture, we will give you a gift certificate to your favorite steakhouse. Let us know your favorite steak in Indianapolis in the comments.

Call our office to learn how permanent dentures and our other Truly Life Changing procedures can help you enjoy the best steak in Indianapolis.