Indianapolis Dentist Explain Symptoms And Treatment of TMJ

Do you hear a clicking sound when you yawn? Does it hurt to chew? Does your jaw freeze up? You may be suffering from symptoms of TMJ. Located in Indianapolis, Dr. Falender of Indianapolis Oral Surgery & Dental Implants Center offer treatment options for patients experiencing TMJ.

What Is TMJ?

Temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ) is a disorder in which the connection of the upper and lower joint does not work properly. It may be caused by conditions such as arthritis or bruxism. Patients with bruxism clench their jaw or grind their teeth. It is often a result of stress and is done while sleeping when the individual is unaware of the action.

Signs and Symptoms of TMJ may include:

  • Headaches and earaches
  • Popping when you open and close your mouth
  • Pain when yawning
  • Discomfort when eating
  • Jaws that stick or lock
  • Tenderness in the jaw
  • A change in the meeting of the jaws

Treatment Options

Early diagnosis is important for any dental issue. With TMJ the earlier you receive treatment, the sooner you can ease your own pain to eat and speak comfortably. At Indianapolis Oral Surgery & Dental Implant Center, we understand the jaw joint. A thorough evaluation of your teeth, bite, and symptoms helps diagnose the situation so we can create a custom treatment plan. Depending on the situation, we may coordinate your care with other medical professionals.
Treatment options may are designed to lessen stress on the teeth and jaw. Possibilities may include balancing the bite by adjusting the teeth or dental restorations, a mouth guard worn at night, or simply making lifestyle changes. A bite guard protects the teeth by reducing jaw strain from clenching and grinding the teeth. Worn while sleeping, the guard keeps patients from grinding their teeth when they are not aware of doing it.
If you are experiencing any symptoms of TMJ, seek dental help. Contact Indianapolis Oral Surgery & Dental Implant Center with questions regarding TMJ and your treatment options.

Finding Treatment For TMJ Disorders in Indianapolis

Dr. Falender and our team at Indianapolis Oral Surgery & Dental Implant Center are experts in TMJ treatment. We are here to answer any questions or concerns regarding a TMJ specialist, or TMJ treatment in Indianapolis, and surrounding areas. Contact Indianapolis Oral Surgery & Dental Implant Center to schedule a consultation today. Call now (317) 900-4535.

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